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Mike Lindsey


Decorative Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Bobcat Work


Ordinary gray concrete transformed into a STRONGER and more DURABLE "simulation" of Brick, Stone,and Slate. Stamped concrete is a system that transforms plain gray concrete into a beautiful and durable product that will last for years to compliment any home or business.

Any drab walkway can be made into a beautiful design with stamped concrete
Any walkway or driveway is transform
by hand by Mike himself.
Michigan, assembly line, which was
housed in the same factory that turned out
Chevy passenger cars. Due to variances
in the supplied fiberglass components,
body fit-and-finish were inconsistent,
especially during the first
model year.

Architects, Landscapers, Businessmen and Homeowners are in awe of the detailed stamped patterns and amazingly natural colors. While a concrete pad will cost less than a stamped-colored concrete pad, the stamped-colored concrete pad will provide an elegant and dramatic look for years to come. Thus costing less than natural products but providing a longer lasting and more durable product..

SINCE 1972....
I have been pouring concrete finished floors, driveways, patios and walks. I then wanted to enhance my finished product so I researched the industry. With the assistance of Irving Materials Decorative Concrete Division, L.M. Scofield, and the "master stampers" from the Indianapolis Indiana area, I stepped into the colored and stamped concrete market. Now I am able to express myself by stamping and coloring concrete to add value and beauty to the residential and commercial concrete market. By paying special attention from start to finish (sub-grade, reinforcing and intricate detail work) I have been able to provide a durable and yet beautiful product.

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